Why work with Horse Scout’s Equestrian Social Media specialists and influencers?

250 Million people identify interest in ‘Equestrian’ on Facebook. The Horse Scout team and bespoke software improve your campaign ROI, produce quantitative data, and prove items sales/engagement.

How do we reach millions of enthusiasts for you?

Horse Scout PR contract and control three groups of connected ‘social media voices’, enabling flexibility to bespoke your campaign and product ‘tone of voice’ via:


‘Advocates’ – selected for their world ranking, performance and professional brand representation, e.g. MBE Mark Todd (NZ) Double Olympic World Champion.

Equestrian enthusiasts

‘Influencers’ – selected for consistent, compatible, equestrian social content output, capable of organic content generation as required e.g. Rebekah Greenhill (US) Amateur Equestrian and Model

Event Partners

e.g. International events – Winter Equestrian Festival Wellington (US), Central Park Horse Show New York (US) Leading UK FEI Internationals, Hickstead Horse Show, Bolesworth International, The Liverpool Show.

How do we keep control of the content output by these Influencers?

Our team can post directly via specialised inhouse software (without relying on the influencer) to Horse Scout influencer’s social walls including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Product Sales Tracking

Our Influencers have a unique code specific to each campaign.
Product sales can be attributed to distinct influencers, supporting campaign efficacy.

Unsure of the equestrian market?

Support via Horse Scout PR prior to the Influencer attachment, services available include:

  • Equestrian consultancy advise the best to market.
  • Justify your Influencer usage, frequency, territory and type.
  • Refine budgets and output.
  • Product testing and endorsement

Recommended minimum engagement 12 weeks.

Influencer ‘Group Type’, dictates contract type and associated costings.
‘Physical Itemised Product’ sales margin to Horse Scout PR 10% (Horse Scout incentivises Influencers via ‘cash back’ 5% per sale), payment systems detailed within trade contracts available upon request.

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